We are a product sourcing agency specializing in aiding business owners or other consumers to buy items from China at affordable prices. As an agency, we believe that there are opportunities everywhere. We, therefore, strive to empower business people to take every opportunity presented to them here in Kenya.

Our service allows you to cut the middleman from the equation and purchase items directly from factories in China. We assist you in acquiring affordable, high-quality items from China. Don’t take our word for it! Come find out for yourself about our affordable prices and speedy delivery.

We are a global trading company registered in Kenya. We make it easier for business owners to buy items from China at reasonably low prices. We get our goods straight from the factories in China and ensure the goods reach you in a record time of 15-21 days maximum.

We do countrywide delivery for all our goods and also combine orders from various suppliers for a custom fee reduction. We then ship your products in good time and in the most affordable way possible.

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